The Secret to Gaining Customer Trust

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The secret to gaining your customer’s trust is simple: there isn’t one—you need to earn it. There’s nothing you can do to instantly gain the trust of your customers, but you can fast-track the process. Here’s how.

1. Be authentic.
Seriously, customers can spot BS a mile away. Embrace what makes you and your company different from your competition, not the same. Tell your story, perhaps. 😀 And in business as in life, always walk your talk.

2. Ask for reviews.
Customer reviews, referrals, and testimonials—called social proof in the marketing biz—is incredibly valuable marketing content. Potential customers increasingly rely on reviews when making purchasing decisions. Asking customers to review you online not only show that you trust them, but you have confidence in your sales process and customer experience.

3. And respond to them all—even the bad ones.
None of us are perfect. Eventually, even a company that offers a phenomenal customer experience will be left a bad review. Responding to every review you receive—good or bad—increases trust. It shows that you have gratitude for all customers and the integrity to make things right when something doesn’t meet a customer’s expectations.

4. Quality counts.
You can eliminate most bad reviews by delivering an excellent customer experience and product or service. Be honest with yourself about what you’re realistically able to promise customers, and never claim to be able to deliver more than that.

5. Wow ‘em at every step in your sales process.
Remember our post on creating your customer’s story? There are emotional ups and downs in every sales process; the key to consistently wowing your customers is to anticipate the downs and make them go as smoothly as possible. If you take the time to define your customer story, it’ll be easier to deliver a consistent, quality customer experience.

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