ROLLING IN THE LEADS…Getting them to see Your Campaign

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You’ve built a lead magnet (or two or five or ten…). It’s a concise, useful, narrowly focused problem-solver for a segment of your target audience. Once they see your campaign, they’ll be utterly convinced that you’re an expert in your field, and you can begin to cultivate a relationship.

So… How to get them to see it?

Promoting your lead magnet or opt-in offer it is just as important as crafting it. Like any content, it’s not effective until someone sees it. Your goal is to increase its exposure in every way you can, and critically evaluate which methods are most effective.

As you start to promote your own lead magnet, take note as you navigate the digital and real worlds: you’ll see lead magnets promoted in myriad ways. Let these inspire you, use your imagination, and put your magnet out in the world for all to see and share.

Website Promotion

Your lead magnet(s) should be prominently featured on your website–but don’t overdo it. Make sure visitors encounter your offer, but don’t turn them off by flooding them with invitations. Check your analytics to find out where your traffic is highest, and choose a few of these options:

  • Home page
  • Main hero image
  • Sidebar
  • Footer
  • Index page
  • About page
  • Resources page
  • Bio page
  • The “thank you” page for one lead magnet can promote another one
  • Create display ads for key pages
  • When relevant, link blog content and other content to your offer
  • A popup which is triggered by an interval of time, scrolling, or exit intent
  • Use your lead magnet as inspiration for blog posts and other content

Social Promotion

  • Promote in social posts on all channels you frequent
  • Repeat often for Twitter (or preschedule tweets)
  • Repeat occasionally for LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Make a dedicated tab on your Facebook page
  • Link to your landing page instead of your home page in your social profiles
  • Offer it to members of your Facebook group
  • Highlight your offer with images
  • Remember to include a shortened link to your landing page
  • Have you included people or businesses in your piece? Be sure to tag them, use @ mentions, or alert them by email
  • Incorporate your lead magnet image and a linked call to action on your cover photos
  • Run paid ads on social media
  • Include it on your LinkedIn profile, media page, posts or portfolio

Verify that the groups in which you participate allow self-promotion. Key point here is: you already participate. You will get a much better reception if you’re part of the dialogue before jumping in with self promotion. Also verify the rules of the group, which may restrict promotions to certain threads on certain days. As always, don’t post it if it’s not relevant.

Email Promotion

  • Mention the offer in your newsletters
  • Craft an email signature including a link to your latest or most popular lead magnet

Video Promotion

Craft a short video about your offer and post it to your YouTube channel. Include a link to your landing page in the description of your video or in the video itself.

Sharing Promotion

Encourage visitors to share your content on social channels by including share buttons on your landing pages and within your lead magnets.

Presentation Promotion

Offer it to the audience any time you present, whether live or in the context of a webinar or podcast.

Complementary Promotion

Build alliances with people in complementary niches. Invite them to offer your lead magnet, and consider offering theirs. For example, a marketer can build an alliances with a web designer, a writer, an SEO consultant, etc. Perhaps you can provide a guest post and include your link.

Livestreaming Promotion

Try the live features offered by Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter/Periscope, YouTube Live, or Snapchat. Talk about your valuable content, show it if possible, and include a link.

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