Marketing is good…educating your customers is better!

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Everyone knows that marketing is an important part of any business model. If customers don’t know about your business, there will be no business. The challenging part about that is figuring out new and exciting content and promotions to keep your customers engaged. An effective communication tool is education. Launching a customer education program opens the door to an entire world of content, and cleverly gets potential customers to choose you.

Won’t they just do it themselves?
You might be worried that customer education is going to turn them into diy’ers when it comes to what you’re an expert at, therefore causing you to lose business. However, it’s more likely that just the opposite will happen. Think about a salon that educates their clients on hair color you buy in a box vs. salon quality color. That salon just saved their potential client a ton of time in research and kept them from severely damaging their hair. In that example, the salon owner has positioned their staff as experts in hair care with compelling reasons to spend more on quality.

How do I educate?
First, look at your customer base. Are they loyal? Do they already know what you do? If you’re just starting out, focus on educating your followers on what you offer and how it can make life easier.

Keep your messaging informative and formulate it to answer burning questions. Remember the salon we were talking about? Imagine if they launched a campaign on different techniques for cutting hair and how their stylists need to know how to cut thin, straight, thick, or curly hair. The salon is essentially telling potential customers that their salon’s stylists are artists with the education and experience necessary to make each one of their clients feel great!

If you’re established and you have a solid customer base, it’s likely they know what you do and why they should use you. In that case, offer information or tips that reminds your customers why they need you. If our salon educated their followers on the latest style trends, it would get clients in the door to get a fresh new hairstyle with their new wardrobe. The point is, keep your customer education centric to your business’s goal, which is likely to get customers and keep them coming back.

Adding in a customer education component to your marketing strategy has many benefits:

  • You establish yourself as the expert
  • Your customers know you care that they are informed
  • You create a subtle way to engage with your audience

If you’re ready to learn more about the how’s and why’s as to educating your potential and existing customers, Wild Fig Marketing is here to help! Schedule a free consultation call here and you will walk away with ideas on how to start an education campaign.

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