Choosing Your Lead Magnet Campaign Offer: Things to Consider

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A lead magnet campaign is a marketing approach that businesses use to attract new customers. This type of campaign extends an alluring free offer to prospective customers in a format such as an ebook, digital pamphlet, video, webinar or the like.

When choosing what to offer for your lead magnet campaign, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

Provide value. Clearly communicate with your prospect the value your content provides. Acknowledge your prospect’s pain points and address how your free item provides a solution. Give a brief explanation of the item they are interested in opting in for and include several statements that support its value. Close with a quote or testimonial to drive the value home.

Keep it short. The goal of a lead magnet campaign is to attract qualifying leads and convert them into customers. Oracle Marketing Cloud reports that lead conversion stands in direct correlation to the number of form fields your prospective customer is required to fill in in order to receive their free product. Only requiring a first name, email address and the answer to one qualifying question will provide you with just enough information to properly segment your new lead and keep this lead engaged with your process.

Nurture your leads. Once you have basic contact information for your lead (and they have their free item!), nurture your lead over time with more free, valuable information. This regular communication will keep you top-of-mind while reinforcing their perception of your brand as an expert in the field. Then, when they’re ready to make a purchase they will seek out their ‘go-to’ in the industry – you!

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