Kechi Okwuchi & the Power of Story

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Recent “America’s Got Talent” contestant, Kechi Okwuchi, made quite the impression on the judges and the rest of the world last spring. Not only did she get a resounding ‘yes’ from each judge because of her incredible talent, but she made a lasting impact because of her story. When Kechi was 16, she was one of two survivors in a plane crash that caused severe burning and scarring on her body. However, throughout all of her painful surgeries, she has still managed to pursue her passion. Kechi is also working towards her masters degree in Economics after graduating with honors from University of St. Thomas. You can read her full story here.

Kechi made an impact because of her ability to sing, but made herself memorable by sharing her story. The power of storytelling is something that has captivated audiences since the original cave drawings were made. The human brain has an incessant need to gather information in an effort to understand our world around us. The most effective stories are relatable, inspirational, or solve a problem.

Those same types of stories can be used to make a lasting impression on your audience. For instance, imagine your end user when they are presented with your product or service. Whether they say it out loud or even consciously think it, their first question is going to be “why do I need this?”

Here’s what a good story can do:

  • Point out a problem
  • Describe the product and how it solves the problem
  • Get the audience to imagine themselves enjoying those benefits
  • Make your audience feel like they’re in desperate need of this product they only first learned about a few moments ago
  • Stories help us connect people/customers to our brand and us = more loyal customers because they understand our why
  • Stories differentiate us and allow us to be seen as something more than just a commodity (like Kechi’s example…she’s a great singer and if you simply heard her voice you’d put her in the bucket with other great singers. What sets her apart is her story…makes her different.

Think of any infomercial out there. From the Magic Bullet, to the Ninja Blender, to the Shark Vacuum; they all follow that same format as described above. I mention those products because I happen to have them all in my home! I saw a problem, found a product that solved the problem, and suddenly I couldn’t live without it. Yup, the art of storytelling even works on storytellers!

Do you have a product or service that you know many people could benefit from if they could just understand how it would solve their problem? The professional storytellers at Wild Fig Marketing can help you craft the message that will create a lasting impression so your company’s roots can grow deep and wide. Contact us today; we want to hear your story!

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