Creative Holiday Marketing Strategies

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Want to generate new leads, nurture current leads and increase brand loyalty? Who doesn’t, right? Then planning and implementing holiday marketing strategies around the calendar is a no-brainer. Here are some holiday marketing strategies that you can tap into to propel your marketing efforts!

Send subscribers a personalized card

There’s a Hallmark card for nearly every holiday in the book. Why? Because we love to give and receive cards (and I don’t think Hallmark is opposed to making a bit of a profit either). Capitalize on this greeting card obsession and send out postcards for major holidays and any others that are in some way pertinent to your brand. Does your business sell guinea pig cages? Then send out a card to your prospects and customers on National Guinea Pig Day! This will help keep your business top-of-mind with your guinea-pig-loving audience. (Ok, this is a bit of a stretch but you get the point.) HubSpot and Ontraport offer some fun, celebratory templates that make automating postcards a cinch!

Give subscribers a gift

While we’re on the subject of giving and receiving, celebrate the season by gifting your customers and prospects a promo code they can use on their next purchase. These promo codes can be in the form of personal coupons or group coupons. Personal coupon codes work well for occasions that are highly specific to your customer – typically, birthdays and brandaversaries. These are one-time-use-only codes that can only be used by the recipient. Group coupon codes are a good choice when you want to send out a coupon to the masses. They can be emailed, posted on your social media channels, texted or sent out on postcards and are a great way to increase brand loyalty. 

Utilize a countdown timer

From an early age, there’s nothing like a countdown to really put a fire under someone’s butt. 

If you don’t come down for dinner in the next five minutes, you’re going to bed hungry.

If your chore isn’t done when the timer goes off, you can’t go to the game tomorrow night with your friends. 

Parents create a sense of urgency around happenings they think are important – eating dinner as a family, doing chores, etc. Business owners can create that same sense of urgency around the holidays by advertising holiday specials and displaying a countdown timer on their homepages, product pages or within their emails. After all, your product is awesome, your deals are great and FOMO is real. 

Implement an abandoned cart campaign

Abandoned carts are ripe for the pickings. Is your business following up on these piping hot leads? Although the phenomenon exists year-round, holidays that see an increase in consumer spending also see an increase in abandoned carts. Once these carts are abandoned, you only have a small window of time to recapture your prospect’s attention before they are gone for good. Remind them that you have the product they’re looking for and consider sweetening the pot with a discount.

Put safeguards in place to reduce the instance of abandoned carts with trust seals and testimonials, multiple payment options, warranties and money-back guarantees. Also, be upfront about all costs associated with their purchases so prospects don’t leave your website upset because they were blindsided by last-minute charges.

Launch a lead nurture campaign

Holidays are notorious for bringing in a bountiful list of hot new leads but don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. Instead, send these leads into a specially designed email funnel so you have various touchpoints with them throughout the coming year. Reduce your stress load and work your marketing magic by automating your lead nurture campaign. (Once again, HubSpot and Ontraport are two great platforms that make automation easy!) Then watch your leads engage as you provide them with valuable and relevant communication that strengthens their buying relationship with your brand. Want to learn more about building a lead nurture campaign? Check out one of our previous posts here!

Want help with your holiday marketing strategy? Give us a call or schedule a 15 minute exploratory call where we’ll get you going on a path to a successful holiday season.

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