Helpful Tips for Reducing Unsubscribes

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In our last blog post, we discussed some of the main reasons people unsubscribe to email lists and how recognizing these patterns can help you avoid common pitfalls that lead to unsubscribes. We also scratched the surface with some ideas for reducing unsubscribes. Now let’s dive deeper and explore more ways you can position your email marketing to reduce unsubscribes and resonate with your audience.

Make sure subscribers know what they’re signing up for

How many times have you signed up for an email list in a retail store checkout line to get that 25%-off-your-entire-purchase coupon, only to be haunted for weeks to come with persistent, largely irrelevant emails from said store? Most of us can probably relate. And it can feel a bit underhanded and spammy too. People respond much better when they know what they’re signing up for. What kind of emails can subscribers expect to receive? How frequently can they expect an email from your company? Don’t wiggle your way into your subscribers’ inboxes. Let them choose you. An informed, on-point audience will welcome your emails, not unsubscribe from them.

Enact automation

Automation gives you the opportunity to intersect the customer journey with relevant information at the proper time. Whether you’re automating birthday discounts, informing customers that a certain product is back in stock or following up with customers who abandoned their shopping carts, automation increases relevancy, which in turn decreases the likelihood that your customers will hit the proverbial Unsubscribe button.

Create a re-engagement segmentation

Identify inactive subscribers (a drop in open rates, fewer clicks etc.) and set up a re-engagement segmentation to re-engage them before they unsubscribe. Maybe as part of this segmentation you offer inactive subscribers a special coupon that’s too good to pass up. This will lead them to a purchase and remind them why they love your brand and signed up for your email list in the first place.

Include other engagement strategies in addition to email marketing

Pursuing other methods of communication with customers helps enrich their relationship with your brand and can add more context to your email marketing strategy. Email marketing in combination with offline, personal communication is one of the most powerful engagement strategies there is.

Give subscribers the option of taking a break instead of just breaking up

Have you ever found yourself reluctantly unsubscribing to an email list? You really like the brand and the products or services they offer but you just need a break from the emails? Giving your subscribers the option to take a break instead of just breaking up will come back around. You won’t lose loyal customers in the process and they’ll appreciate how accommodating you are– now that’s providing value!

Solicit feedback from unsubscribers

The reality is, no matter how much you work your content strategy, you will undoubtedly encounter some unsubscribes. Continually refine your strategy by soliciting feedback from unsubscribers. Over time, unsubscribes should drop off dramatically while your satisfied, on-point subscriber list continues to grow.


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