Giving Away the Recipe to Granny’s Secret Sauce

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One topic that comes up frequently in discussions with our clients is how much is too much? In other words, our clients often wonder how much insider information is appropriate to share within their blog posts or other published content. And it’s a legitimate question! How much is too much when it comes to giving away the secret sauce?

At Wild Fig, we wrestle with this question as well and oftentimes we share differing ideas of where to draw this line. Here are a couple ways of looking at it:

Why do you create blog posts and generate content for your company in the first place? To provide your clients with useful information? Certainly. Ultimately, however, your content is your company’s most powerful megaphone. It conveys your expertise. It shows your ideal clients that you are the perfect company to come alongside of them, address their pain points and meet their needs. Naturally then, displaying your expertise is necessary when it comes to attracting your clients.

Naturally then, displaying your expertise is necessary when it comes to attracting your clients.

At Wild Fig, we help our clients attract their ideal clients through the use of powerful lead-generation campaigns. When we are marketing our services to attract our ideal clients, we have the opportunity to share our “secret sauce” – a high-level look at actual lead-generation campaigns we’ve built – to show our ideal clients that we’ve got the knowledge and the tools to do the same for them.

So the big question is…do we serve up our secret sauce with a spoon or a ladle?

The ‘spoon’ camp:

We must only serve up our sauce one spoonful at a time. If we give them too much, companies will be able to recreate our recipe and we’ll lose potential clients.

The ‘ladle’ camp:

We must ladle out our expertise so companies struggling to generate leads will see that we’ve got what they need. We can give them a clear idea of how our lead-generation campaigns can be customized to the unique needs and culture of their company. They will either call us right away to generate a campaign for them or if they attempt to recreate our sauce by taste alone, they will turn to us when they realize they’re in over their heads.

The spoon or the ladle. Which camp are you in? We’d love to hear how your company navigates this challenging situation! Leave us a message in our comments section below. If you’d like a clear strategy on just how much is too much, then click below to schedule your free 15 minute consultation to see how we can help you and your business!

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