Email Marketing: Alive and Well

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While more people are leveraging text and social media platforms for personal communication, email marketing continues to thrive. In fact, 95% of marketers view email as an essential channel for communicating with customers throughout their journey with their brand.  

The statistics speak for themselves

  • For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get an estimated $42 return. 
  • The engagement rate for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is .6% compared to email’s open rate of 22.86% and click-through rate of 3.71%.
  • 99% of people check their email daily. 
  • Your emails reach 85% of the people you send them to.
  • While other channels may be effective for attracting leads, a 2018 DMA study reports that 52% of marketers believe email marketing is ideal for customer conversion and 59% prefer email marketing for customer retention.

However, not all email marketing is created equal 

Social media marketer Aaron Agius makes a distinction between a few different types of email marketing,” Not all email marketing is dead – only email considered ‘noise on the line,’ boring email and spam. What is alive and well is smart email marketing.”

Yes, batch-and-blast email marketing is a thing of the past. These emails annoy consumers and don’t communicate value. Consequently, as spam filters become more sophisticated, an increasing number of these emails bypass the consumer’s inbox entirely and head straight for their junk folder. If you do get a consumer’s attention, it’s probably along the lines of that obnoxious kid in third grade. You remember him. Just as you were about to sit down in your chair he pulled it out from under you and you hit the floor. He may have “liked” you but you learned early on that obnoxious and rude behavior is no way to get the attention of a pretty girl. 

Don’t be that kid.

Instead, hit a home run with email marketing that is…

  • segmented and personalized. Consumers are much more likely to engage with emails that address them directly and are relevant to their geographic location, purchase history, interests etc. In fact, segmented and personalized emails are perceived to be 77% more trustworthy and maintain 12% higher click-through rates. Why waste your time with generic emails when you can  hit the bullseye with a more personalized approach? 
  • automated to follow the customer journey. The goal of email marketing is to move the customer from one stage of their journey to the next. Unlike social media ads that are more of a one-size-fits-all approach, automated email marketing nurtures leads into customers, ensures customer satisfaction, offers incentives for referrals, drives new business and creates a loyal customer base that helps build a strong and widely-recognized brand. It also allows businesses to track metrics to further improve reach and engagement. 
  • respectful and relevant. Email marketing is a polite yet effective way to get a prospect’s attention. It’s not rude like batch-and-blast email and far less intrusive than its social media counterparts. Think of it this way: People check their email on their own terms. There are no pop-up ads or other disruptions and they can unsubscribe at any time. When carefully segmented and personalized, these emails intersect the customer journey at just the right time. You’ve got the answer your customer is looking for. Drop that personalized, timely and valuable email in their inbox and be the hero! 

Would you like help segmenting and automating your email marketing for a killer return on your investment? We can help you create an email marketing strategy that will generate more reach, more engagement and ultimately, more leads.  Time to get figgy with it? Let’s talk.


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