Crafting Killer Content That’s Highly Shareable

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The competition is more fierce than ever. With over 2 million blog posts generated each day, creating standout content that people are motivated to share is paramount. This post takes a deep-end dive into essential components of highly shareable content so you get the best return and greatest exposure on all your efforts.

Readers will share your content if you…

Spark curiosity:

Curious readers are engaged readers. You can create this spark in the same way you bait a hook to catch a fish. Incorporating information gaps keeps readers engaged as they seek answers further into your content. When you lead your readers on an intelligent and insightful journey, they will be excited to share their newfound knowledge.

Do you ever read an article headline and automatically skip over it because you’ve “read it a thousand times” already? How about ‘zigging’ where others are ‘zagging’ by taking a slightly different spin on a familiar topic? This will create a memorable reader experience and as in all of life, memorable = shareable.

Maintain aesthetics:

Incorporate high-quality imagery in the form of charts or graphs. These help your readers easily spot interesting and pertinent data – data they will be apt to share. Include just a few colors for a consistent vibe across your entire blog. Using a tool like Canva, can help make creating infographics or visual charts and graphs a snap!

Surf the current trends:

Information that is relevant is highly shareable information. BuzzSumo is an excellent resource when it comes to searching the relevance of a particular topic. You can set up your search criteria to notify you when breaking news occurs related to your topic. You can also find out which content is most quickly shared on an hourly or daily basis. These insights are available per industry as well and can help inform future content.

Give ‘em what they want:

Take a break from your furious content creation and look up for just a second. Do you remember who you’re writing for? Are they actually engaging with your content? If so, how? It’s easy to get so engrossed in creating content that we forget we’re writing for real people. Taking a step back and listening to what your online community is saying is infinitely valuable. What kinds of comments are you receiving on your blog? Are people asking similar questions on your social posts? Knowing who your audience is, what information they’re seeking and what their pain points are is the beacon in the night. Let it guide your content creation process and give them what they’re looking for…and what they, in turn, will share with others.

Break up your content:

They say that breaking up is hard to do. We say that breaking up that boring wall of text couldn’t be easier…or more effective. Use numbers or bullets, graphics, line breaks – just break it up in order to break it down for your readers. Craft delicious, bite-sized pieces of content that your readers can easily devour. It’s a lot like a pan of hot, gooey brownies – you eat one square at a time but they’re so dang good that pretty soon you’ve consumed the entire row!

Create memes:

Our culture is in a love-affair with memes. If you create them, people will share them. Period. (Just make sure they’re on-point and tactful so they enrich your brand, not detract from it!)

Tap into pop culture and current events:

“I love spending time ingesting irrelevant information,” said no one ever. (Of course there is a select group of tabloid readers but that’s a topic for another day.) That’s why knowing your audience and writing for them, speaking to their questions, curiosities and pain points is important. If we feel like information is relevant to our lives, we take the time to ingest it and pass it along. Weaving pop culture or current events into your posts can create relevance around your topic and really drive your subject home. Once again, tact is key. If you can pull this off tactfully, you’ve got something shareworthy.

Get listy wit it:

Lists, recipes, step-by-steps, how to’s…these are the manna of life. They’re what we’re all seeking. Give me useful information that is quick and accessible, that will improve my life in some way and that is easy to implement. Bam! Share-central.

Reach out to influencers:

Maybe you’re a newer company and you’re just trying to gain some traction. Or perhaps you’re fairly well-established but really want to launch your content and get it in front of more readers. One fantastic way to do this is by interviewing influencers in your industry. Even if it’s only a one-question interview, write a post around it and ask said influencer to “share” it once it’s published. Their influence helps add validity to your content and their shares vastly increase your exposure.

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