Need More Sales? Don’t Ignore Your Current Email List

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Keys . . . keys . . . keys . . . where are my keys?!

Don’t you always seem to lose your keys when you’re in a rush out the door? They always disappear when you have somewhere to be. If you’re like us, you search around the couch, under the dog, and in the fridge before realizing:

Oh, DUH. They’re in my hand!

Often, what we’re looking for is right under our noses. The same is true of sales. Often, we’re so busy chasing the latest new lead that we forget the easiest, surest place to find our latest sale is right there, in our email contact list. We’ve already got the leads. All we need to do is convert them.

Your Email List Is Already Pre-Qualified . . . Go Engage Them

The huge advantage of leveraging your email list for sales is that they’re already pre-qualified. Some have done business with you in the past, others are current customers, and many are people who’ve expressed interest in your product or service. All you need to do is engage them.

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to tailor your message to specific leads. The more personal and relevant you make your emails, the more likely you are to convert a lead into a sale. If you’re offering 20 percent of a service, how you craft the message to encourage past and current customers to return should be different from how you write one for people who’ve never bought from you before.

Create Strong CTAs

CTA is marketing lingo for call-to-action. In an effective email, they’re big, they’re bold, and they’re buttons. It pays to make your CTAs personal, too. Don’t settle for “Learn More” or “Shop.” Instead, tie your CTA to the content in your email. Selling a package of life coaching sessions? Don’t ask your contacts to “Get Started.” Ask them to “Be Brave & Take the First Step.”

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Email marketers LOVE drippy faucets. Automated email campaigns are great tools for keeping engagement high. The best campaigns are well-planned, understand their audience, and have simple messages and strong CTAs.

We’ve seen lead magnet drip campaigns work well for developing new relationships. A lead magnet is a freebie you give away in exchange for a lead’s contact information. Over the course of three or four emails, you build the relationship with the lead until you finally ask them to take the next step (whether that’s scheduling a consultation, making an appointment, or purchasing a product).

Drip campaigns work well for reengaging past customers, too. And if you run an online store, automated drip email campaigns to people who’ve abandoned carts can be big sales boosters.

If you’re scrambling after new sales, the solution may be right under your nose. Leverage the pre-qualified leads sitting right in your contact list—they’re waiting to hear from you! Time to get figgy with it? Let’s talk.


At Wild Fig Marketing, we’re committed to helping businesses grow. For the next few months we’ll be highlighting each step in the customer journey – attract, convert, deliver, nurture and refer.

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