Case Study: A Huge Win for Schoox Learning Management Systems

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Our Client

Schoox is a leader in online learning management systems. Their materials facilitate employee education which, in turn, propels the success of entire organizations. Some of their high-profile clients include Subway, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Chili’s, Kia and Stanley. 

The Background

Schoox was preparing for their second ever trade show – the ATD Conference in Washington D.C. Showcraft, one of our trusted partners in the trade show industry, referred our services to Schoox, hoping to provide their clients with an even better return on their trade show investment. Schoox then contacted us to help them generate a buzz around their business with effective marketing prior to, during and after the trade show. 

Our Marketing Services

We created and implemented a custom trade show marketing plan:

In the weeks leading up to the show, we used automation to deliver a series of emails showcasing Schoox’s learning management software and generating excitement about their upcoming booth. We also encouraged people to sign up for a demo of their software at the show. 

Then we created a landing page and text message campaign to encourage guests to download a free ebook at the show. 

In the days following the conference, we sent out automated follow-up emails thanking people for attending and encouraging them to sign up for a demo and download the ebook if they hadn’t already.

The Result

  • Schoox had enough appointments booked five days prior to the show to pay for the cost of their booth.
  • They came away from the ATD conference with 500 new leads.
  • Following the trade show, the Schoox sales team was able to follow up with their tier 1 leads while we continued to nurture their tier 2 and tier 3 leads until they were ready to contact them.


We pulled out all the stops for this show and so did the Wild Fig team. The pre and post-show communications helped drive awareness and interest in Schoox and gave us that extra brainpower and support we needed around event marketing. 

Laura, Sr. Director of Marketing


(During the show) “The booth is so crowded they can’t move…Schoox has already had five appointments this morning…they are over the moon!”

Andy Alstad, Project Manager


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