Simple Ways to Boost List Growth

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You want to grow your email list by encouraging your visitors to opt in. However, with an overwhelming number of opt-in tools at your disposal, how do you know which tools will help you boost your list growth and which ones will annoy your visitors and send them packing? Here we compiled a list of our favorite opt-in tools with a proven track record for success.

Blog posts are ripe with opt-in opportunity. When visitors are on your blog and reading through your content, you already have their attention. They’re clearly interested in what you have to say and more than likely want to hear more.

Capitalize on their attention with these easy-to-implement opt-in ideas:

  • Install a scroll box: Consider adding a scroll box that slides onto the screen when people are nearing the end of a blog post. This gives these visitors the opportunity to sign up for your email list so they don’t miss any of your great content in the future.
  • Install a floating bar: Floating bars are an easy way to garner the attention of your blog readers. These bars attach themselves to either the top or bottom of your visitors’ screens and scroll along with them as they read your content.
  • Add inline opt-in forms: After implementing numerous tools to increase opt-ins and grow their email list, small business software company, Groove, reports that their highest opt-in rates came from inline opt-in forms. Inline opt-in forms can be added to blog posts, whitepapers, etc. and are a great way to keep on-point traffic engaging with your valuable content.
  • Update popular posts: If you’re creating blog posts (which we sure hope you are!), you probably have some posts that stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of popularity. Don’t recreate the wheel. Take these posts, update them with fresh content (recent studies, current events that coincide with your topic etc.) and repost them. Then include opt-ins within those posts.
  • Add content upgrades: Once readers are far enough into your post to realize how awesome your content is, give them the option to download the PDF version, “No time to read now? Download the PDF and read later.” Or include a PDF offering at the bottom of your post, “Want to save this post for future reference? Download the PDF here.”
  • Install a timed lightbox popup: When a lightbox popup appears, everything else fades into the background, drawing in your reader’s attention. These pop ups, which appear at a predetermined time, convey a targeted message prompting your visitors to opt in.
  • Display page-specific forms: Instead of showing the same opt-in on every blog post or webpage, diversify your opt-ins and make them relevant to the content your visitor is reading. Consider implementing a lead magnet or content upgrade as another effective way to capture your visitors’ information and add them to your growing email list.

A few other tools we recommend to increase opt-ins and boost list grow include:

  • Hosting webinars: Webinars and other live events have a high perceived value, making them a fantastic way to convert visitors. Just ask for basic contact info in exchange for webinar opt-in and voilà!…
  • Answering questions in Facebook groups: Engaging in Facebook discussions and answering common questions is a great way to generate interest in your business and strut your stuff a bit. Most group admins don’t want solicitations in their forums so ask members to PM you if they’d like a link to your blog or webpage where they can learn more!

Looking for more ideas for growing your email list? We can help! Contact us to schedule your free 15 minute consultation. We’d love to help you reach your goals.

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