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Creating a Powerful Subject Line

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I think we would all agree that it doesn’t matter how informative, inspiring and all-around incredible your email content is if no one opens your email, right? If that’s the case then the big question is – how can you maximize the potential of the email subject line to create the desired effect – an opened email? We only have …

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Welcome to Ontraport 5.0!

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What is Ontraport you ask? Many of our clients run their business and marketing automation on the Ontraport platform. This platform has a core CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) to hold all of your contacts in one place and allows the automation of marketing, sales and other functions to be wrapped in one package. Landing page building and hosting, online …

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5 Apps to Simplify Your Summer

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Woohoo! It’s officially summer time! How do you plan to spend your summer: sitting at your desk or sitting on the beach? If you’re interested in spending more time relaxing and enjoying a good book or the great outdoors, then you’ll want to check-out the 5 apps we love that will help simplify your summer!   #1. Calendly – Are …

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Case Study: The Runaway Bride

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Meet Glenn and his team at The Gardens of Castle Rock, located in beautiful Castle Rock Township, Minnesota. The Gardens of Castle Rock is an amazing outdoor wedding and reception venue with breathtaking display gardens and beautiful landscaping. Glenn built The Gardens from the ground up in 2014 and business has been growing rapidly ever since. Glenn called us because …

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Creating Content Can Be Fun With These 4 Simple Steps!

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Content, content, content…does the mere mention of the word give you a splitting headache? Rest assured: you are not alone! Consumers today are more educated than they’ve ever been. In fact, researchers say when a potential customer reaches out to you, they are already 60% along the way toward making their purchasing decision. This is why it’s so important to …

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Importing Contact Data – Garbage in, Garbage…in?

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So you got a shiny new digital marketing platform… And it includes a fancy CRM so you finally get to have all your contacts in one place… Now what? How will you use and grow your Contact Record Management? Is your CRM a part of your digital marketing platform like Ontraport? Where is your contact info today? These are important questions when …

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Her Secret to Success…

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Have you ever walked into a showroom and the product line just resonated with you? You know, an overwhelming euphoric feeling that leaves you speechless. This recently happened to me while visiting the Fuse showroom. Fuse is an up-and-coming business that attracts a continuous flow of architects, interior designers, and other artistically-inclined design enthusiasts. Immediately, I was drawn to the …