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Marketing to Millennials

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To ignore the millennial in your marketing efforts is to ignore 25-35% of the consumer population. However, many marketers find the diversity of this population segment daunting and continue to pursue basic marketing tactics, just hoping their brand catches the lucrative eye of the millennial population. Millennials are unique in many respects and marketing that appeals to baby boomers and …

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6 Types Of Emails Your Business Should Be Sending

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6 Types Of Emails Your Business Should Be Sending When it comes to marketing your business, there are numerous emails you can send out that coincide with different points along the customer journey. Email marketing is a tried-and-true way to connect with your customers and increase those leads and sales. If your current emails are not seeing the engagement or …

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Email Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2019

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You spend a tremendous amount of time creating content for your subscribers. Paying heed to current email marketing trends ensures that you’re making that powerful connection. This year’s trends are particularly subscriber-centric yet foster a positive experience for both sender and receiver. In 2019, email marketing is: Timely Personaliztion 2018 trends saw an emphasis on a hyper-personalized approach to email …

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Helpful Tips for Reducing Unsubscribes

In Client Retention, Marketing Services, Marketing Strategy by Mindy TraylorLeave a Comment

In our last blog post, we discussed some of the main reasons people unsubscribe to email lists and how recognizing these patterns can help you avoid common pitfalls that lead to unsubscribes. We also scratched the surface with some ideas for reducing unsubscribes. Now let’s dive deeper and explore more ways you can position your email marketing to reduce unsubscribes …

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Why Subscribers Unsubscribe

In Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Services by Kari Switala2 Comments

Unsubscribes are the kiss of death. Once people unsubscribe, they’re not likely to return. Unless you are marketing to them in other ways, this could spell an end to your subscriber’s relationship with your brand. While losing subscribers hits you where it hurts, there’s a lot to be gleaned from unsubscribe behavior that can help you gird up your email …

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Increasing Conversions with Value Proposition

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Optimizing your SEO with a solid keyword strategy in order to drive traffic to your webpage is an important undertaking. You’ll never make sales if people never land on your site. However, getting potential customers ‘in the door’ is only half the battle. The average website visitor who finds your webpage through your effective SEO strategy (good job, by the …

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Components of an Effective Keyword Strategy

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In recent posts, we’ve concluded that keywords are still highly relevant when it comes to SEO and SEO is a non-negotiable component of any effective content strategy. Now let’s take a wide-angle look at how to take your keywords and develop a powerful strategy around them – one that increases your search rankings and drives on-point traffic to your webpage …

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The Bubble Gum Blunder: Turning a Mistake into a Marketing Opportunity!

In Customer Relationship Management by Kari SwitalaLeave a Comment

The “Bubble Gum Blunder” sounds like an intriguing title right? Well it’s actually quite a funny story (which didn’t seem too funny at the time) when I took a mistake I made and turned it into a marketing opportunity! A New Business Opportunity… It all happened several years ago when I was the Marketing Director at an accounting firm. We …

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SEO – A Non-Negotiable When it Comes to Your Content Strategy

In Marketing Services, Website by Kevin SwitalaLeave a Comment

If you’re creating relevant, quality content then you are well-aware of the time and dedication the process requires. In an effort to increase brand awareness, be recognized as an industry expert and drive traffic to your website, you aim to create content that your target audience finds valuable and shareable. With these goals in mind, would you still go through …