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Minnesota Wedding Venue: An Automation Success Story

In Case Study, Marketing Automationby Amy JudgeLeave a Comment

When we first met with our friends at one Minnesota farm-style wedding venue, they were completely overwhelmed. In the past, when they hosted 12 weddings a year, the venue’s manual operations sufficed. When we met them, however, they were hosting 30-50 weddings each year and still running their business 100% manually. They knew things needed to change and called on …

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Made in Minnesota – Burnsville Edition – Cornerstone Copy Center

In Made in Minnesotaby Kari SwitalaLeave a Comment

Welcome to our blog suitably titled Made in Minnesota where we explore different Minnesota-based businesses and learn some helpful tips along the way! The blog format is a Q&A, conversational style that allows you as the listener to lean in and get to know some great Minnesota business owners on a personal level. You will hear stories of big dreams …

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Creative Holiday Marketing Strategies

In Marketing Strategyby Mindy TraylorLeave a Comment

Want to generate new leads, nurture current leads and increase brand loyalty? Who doesn’t, right? Then planning and implementing holiday marketing strategies around the calendar is a no-brainer. Here are some holiday marketing strategies that you can tap into to propel your marketing efforts! Send subscribers a personalized card There’s a Hallmark card for nearly every holiday in the book. …

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Case Study: A Huge Win for Schoox Learning Management Systems

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Our Client Schoox is a leader in online learning management systems. Their materials facilitate employee education which, in turn, propels the success of entire organizations. Some of their high-profile clients include Subway, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Chili’s, Kia and Stanley.  The Background Schoox was preparing for their second ever trade show – the ATD Conference in Washington D.C. Showcraft, …

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Save Time and Close More Deals by Automating These Sales Processes

In Marketing Automationby Kevin SwitalaLeave a Comment

Time is money, right? So saving time means keeping more money in your pocket. If you’re interested in running a more efficient business, consider these easy ways to automate your sales processes! Automate your emails There are quite a few routine emails you send that are easy peasy to automate.  Welcome emails: When someone subscribes to your email list, it’s …

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Email Marketing: Alive and Well

In Email Marketingby Amy JudgeLeave a Comment

While more people are leveraging text and social media platforms for personal communication, email marketing continues to thrive. In fact, 95% of marketers view email as an essential channel for communicating with customers throughout their journey with their brand.   The statistics speak for themselves For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get an estimated $42 return.  The engagement …

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Must-Haves for Your Small Business Website

In Marketing Strategy, Websiteby Mindy TraylorLeave a Comment

We’ve all had those times when, in search of a product or service online, we landed on a really crappy website. You know the ones. You can’t exit fast enough because you feel like you’re hurling headlong into a black hole, losing precious seconds of your life staring at a huge wall of unbroken text. Or you are immediately overstimulated …

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Incorporating Apps and Technology Into Your Small Business: 10 Great Ways!

In Marketing Strategy, Technologyby Kevin SwitalaLeave a Comment

Tapping into the latest apps and advancements in technology can really pack a punch when it comes to saving time and streamlining business operations. Here are 10 ways you can plug in to some sweet tech and show your business (and yourself) some love! Develop a strong web presence with a clean and easy-to-navigate website This will increase your SEO, …

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Creating an Inbound Marketing Strategy

In Marketing Automation, Marketing Services, Marketing Strategyby Amy JudgeLeave a Comment

An inbound marketing strategy is an organic method of attracting visitors to your brand, converting them into leads and ultimately, nurturing them into satisfied customers. Engaging an effective inbound marketing strategy requires some effort upfront but will increase your brand awareness and grow your customer base, driving the success of your business.  Identify your target audience Before you create any …