Like the wild fig tree, we’re nourished by deep roots.

The wild fig of South Africa sends its roots down over 400 feet, farther than any tree in the world. It inspires us: we honor the value of deep-rooted relationships. Deep roots and deep relationships ensure reliable access to strength from the source, even in trying times. As a universal symbol of endurance, fertility, prosperity and sweetness, the wild fig is a potent metaphor for our business and yours.

Let’s branch out organically together, as our solid relationships bear the fruit of happy clients and multiple referrals.


Wild Fig Marketing consists of husband and wife duo, Kari & Kevin Switala, Amy Judge and newcomer, Mindy Traylor. Together, they weave their diverse accomplishments in the tech, marketing & content writing arenas together to forge an exuberantly nimble and innovative consulting firm reflecting their passion for helping small businesses. Harnessing Kari’s inventive, out-of-the-box energy, Kevin’s resourceful orchestration of digital tools, Amy’s love of coordination and details with Mindy’s creative writing ensures a solid foundation from which they reach for the sky like a tree seeks sunlight. As a team, they stay on top of the ever-changing tools and trends essential to marketing success. Their devotion to learning and growing will help your company access and embrace the most beneficial and up-to-date marketing strategies.

Kari Switala, Chief Creative Officer
Strategic • Creative • Outside-the-Boxical
The visionary of the team, brings intuitive enthusiasm from her 16 years of experience in marketing strategy and small business consulting. As a Master Certified Partner and Authorized Local Expert with Constant Contact, she’ll help you get the most out of this multi-faceted CRM system.

  • Loves exploring new places and traveling with her family and puggle, Steve
  • Avid reader who’s addicted to ordering books on Amazon (so she doesn’t forget them when she hears about a cool new book)
  • HGTV binge-watcher and Pinterest junkie

Kevin Switala, Chief Propeller Head
Systematic • Inquisitive • Nerd-alytical
Kevin’s 24 years in IT and architecture earns him Chief Propeller Head status, thanks to his background in employing technology to analyze data and identify compelling insights into customer behavior. His extensive training as an Ontraport Certified Consultant ensures you will get the most out of each and  every campaign.

  • Loves fishing, hunting, & riding ATV w/family & friends
  • Enjoys spending time in northern MN
  • Feeds his creative side w/writing music, playing guitar and singing in a rock band

Amy Judge, Marketing Coordinator
Nurturing • Intuitive • Choreo-graphical
With 10+ years of experience in marketing, communications and client relations, coupled with her love of details and coordination, make Amy a great addition to the Wild Fig team. Amy loves the one on one relationships she has with our clients and seeing them succeed.

  • Loves spending time with her husband and 2 kiddos
  • Enjoys reading and traveling
  • Doughnut aficionado

Mindy Traylor, Writer
Detailed • Passionate • Whimsical
Mindy joined the Wild Fig Team in early 2018 when she decided to take her love of writing and make it a full time job! Whether it’s an education piece or helping a client with their brand, Mindy works hard to help communicate our clients’ stories through blogs, whitepapers, website content and more!

  • Enjoys spending time with her family, especially outdoors!
  • A lover of pine trees, fresh-cut grass and all things summertime

Jen Hiltunen, VP of Sales
Reliable • Driven • Logical
With over 16 years experience in helping business owners stand out from their competition, Jen loves the challenge of learning about new businesses and industries and using that knowledge to help them achieve their goals.

  • Loves pontooning, playing softball and golf and spending time with family & friends
  • Enjoys traveling to warm destinations in the winter

Maddi Koenig, Marketing Coordinator


Mindy Traylor


A proud wife and mama of three living the dream in the Northwoods of Minnesota. An avid, lifelong writer and an emerging photographer. A lover of pine trees, fresh-cut grass and all things summertime.

Annelise Kelly


National Geographic Traveler published her picture and story about a vintage wooden carousel in Martinique. (Click Here)
LOVES food. Cooking it, eating it, reading and writing and daydreaming about it.

Amanda Lanser


Had work published in a national insurance publication...twice!

Has a clarinet performance degree and plays bass clarinet in the Minnesota Symphonic Band, an adult concert band.

Ingrid Hornibrook


I'm a 2006 graduate of U of M Duluth with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Anthropology. I love the written word and I pride myself in being able to create a whole new world on paper with language. Because writers write.