Email Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2019

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You spend a tremendous amount of time creating content for your subscribers. Paying heed to current email marketing trends ensures that you’re making that powerful connection. This year’s trends are particularly subscriber-centric yet foster a positive experience for both sender and receiver.

In 2019, email marketing is:

Timely Personaliztion

2018 trends saw an emphasis on a hyper-personalized approach to email marketing and 2019 is following suit. Active Trail reports that personalized emails reap a transactional rate 6X that of generic emails. Through the power of automation and with the ability to collect data on subscribers at various points in their journeys, email marketers have the opportunity to capitalize on that data to speak directly to their unique interests. This hyper-personalized approach goes far beyond inserting your subscriber’s name in the “name” field and addresses their purchasing habits, abandoned shopping cart etc. Send your subscribers content they want to see and make them feel like you really know them. This is the stuff brand loyalty is made of.

Social media-responsive

This year, pay attention to what type of social media content is grabbing the public’s attention. What are the characteristics of the content people are interacting with? In general, social media content is highly-visual, relevant and focuses on a few simple actions. When you market in response to social media trends, your subscribers will engage with you in a similar fashion.

Data privacy-oriented

2018 ushered in the General Data Protection Regulation and changed the game for subscribers and marketers alike. Now subscribers must “opt-in” to your emails which guarantees an on-point audience is on the receiving end of your marketing efforts. Handling customer data with respect should continue to be a top priority.


While it’s not the answer for every brand, long-form content is reemerging as a preferred way to ingest valuable information. If your subscribers are information-hungry, don’t be shy about satisfying their appetites (and showing off your expertise!) with long-form, value-laden content.


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